Zen Bound

Secret Exit Ldt.

Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Zen Bound is a calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures – a simple task that can become surprisingly complex.
To play the game, select one of the “Trees” in the main menu, the available options are “Tree of Refl ection”, “Tree of Challenge” and “Tree of Nostalgia”. In the tree screen, touch a hanging wooden tag to select a level, then click on “Play” to start the
In the game, spin the object with your fi nger to wrap rope around it, and the object will also change its colour. When enough of the surface is “painted”, the level can be completed by touching the glowing nail with a rope. Flowers blossom on the tree according to how much of the object was painted, and these in turn light up the lanterns that allow access to new levels.