The Croopier

Abelardo Gil-Fournier

Web + Processing Games

The Croopier is an experimental creation project of online micro-videogames feeding on current affairs or news. Every week, a new editorial game or newsgame is published on the project’s web. The micro-games archive of The Croopier is a playful and polymorphous way of observing contemporary global mediasation. More tellingly, it questions the ongoing transformation of world affairs into events ready for consumption and entertainment, a conversion deactivating both the information itself and the receiver’s power to act beyond the news.

The first season of The Croopier presented, among other issues, the treatment meted out by public authorities to the arrival of boats with undocumented immigrants as a recurrent and solutionless tetris; the Gaza conflict as a medieval witches’ Sabbath; and the regulated layoff of jobs as a problem of permanently unbalanced scales.