Leak to lower lazy levitating load

Peter Flemming


Custom electronics, modified montreal-saskatoon miller solar engines, super capacitors, custom solar panels, sunlight, wire, cinder blocks, 55 gallon drum, shock cord, hardware, miniature pumps, plastic tubing and connectors, modified 18L water bottles, rope, ratchet tie-downs, water Acknowledgements: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

A hanging barrel is full of water and sits on the floor. A very small pump slowly sips away at the water and moves it to the drum on the tower. The barrel begins to levitate above the ground, gradually rising. When it is raised a distance equal to its own height, the pump is disengaged. A leak valve opens, and water trickles down into the hanging barrel, slowly lowering it back to the ground. The cycle repeats. The system is solar powered. The pump is intermittent, according to the weather. The barrel moves at a lethargic pace. It may take weeks to be levitated and lowered again. This work explores the idea of small things working to eventually act upon forces larger than they are.