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Game for iPhone, iPod Touch, Facebook.

Game for iPhone, iPod Touch, Facebook. Credits: Ian Bogost, Gerard LaFond, Nico Massi, Noah Witherspoon, Alejandro Quarto, Corey Jackson

Jetset is a game about air travel with a satirical twist. It is the fi rst game of its kind, a mobile game for business travellers. The challenges of today’s airport security make business and pleasure travel increasingly diffi cult. Security is there to make you feel safe and get you to your plane in one piece. However, today’s regulations change frequently and are often different from airport to airport. Now, you too can stand in the shoes of a security agent trying to avert terrorism while getting everyone through a checkpoint quickly. This is a game that’s just as fun as waiting in line – and one you can play in line as well.

Even better, when you play in one of the 100 world airports included in the game (from Albuquerque to Waco), you can win custom-made, collectable, digital souvenirs from each one. No longer will you be guilted into buying an overpriced gift for friends and family you leave behind, now you can gift items of sentimental value collected through your real travel plans.