Global Conflicts: Palestine

Serious Games Interactive

Unity3D game engine, 1 GHz CPU 512 MB RAM. Acknowledgements: Media+, Danida

Global Conflicts: Palestine, from Serious Games Interactive, is a 3D role-playing game for students to explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The students assume the role of a freelance journalist who has just arrived in Jerusalem armed with a pen, a notepad and their sharp wits. During the course of the game their beliefs and ideas about the conflict will be challenged. They will be confronted with issues around human rights, terrorism and the media’s role in conflict zones, and will experience situations taken from real life events that are more complicated than outsiders may realise.The goal is to create an article for a newspaper by collecting quotes from the dialogue in the game. The students can either get information by building up trust with each side or take a more confrontational approach to dig out information. In the end, the story with the most relevance and news-value for the newspaper will get the best exposure.