Face-Off in the Magic Circle

Copenhagen Game Collective


Written in C# and XNA 3.0. For interfacing with the Wiimotes, the authors used WiimoteLib, an open-source .NET managed library Acknowledgements: Georgios Yannakakis, Paolo, the brave men and women from Scrollbar @ IT University of Copenhagen, and New Danish Screen

Face-Off in the Magic Circle is a multi-player spell dueling game designed for Nintendo Wiimote controllers. The game lets players sling spells at one another in a game of dexterity and strategy. But unlike other spell casting games, Face-Off in the Magic Circle pushes players to look at “each other”, rather than at the screen.

Using their Wiimote as a wand, players draw “runes” (gestures) to chain together spells. The core fun of the game stems both from the physicality of the gesturing system as well as from the fast-paced battle of wits. Players must try to predict what spells their opponents will cast, and when they will cast them.

In Face-Off in the Magic Circle the action takes place off the screen and in the physical world. Because large physical gestures are much more recognizable than button presses, players can literally watch their opponents to see what they are doing.