Gregory Chatonsky

MP4 Full HD y Flash (RSS Yahoo) The man: Vincent Charlebois The woman: Mélissa Gagné Production: Agence Topo para Geoweb

Circulation elaborates a parallel between two lovers’ discourse and the flow of cars, because this has changed our notions of intimacy and our imagination. Everything happens as if the dialogue between a man and a woman were becoming permeable to a series of outside events, following a counterintuitive hypersensitivity.The unpredictable fluctuations of a meeting, of love, of separation and of sadness, are products of an arbitrary translation. The dialogue between lovers is never-ending and variable. The montage is technically based on a software that recovers Yahoo RSS feeds following the flow of traffic in different cities. The information is fragmented and analysed based on a list of keywords derived from thousands of video sequences.