Asynchronous Jitter. Selective Hearing (37’19’’)

Florian Hecker

4-channel composition with computer controlled spatialization system

4-channel composition with computer controlled spatialization system Dimensions site-specific; Duration: 37’ 19’’ Installation view: Cerith Wyn Evans, …in which something happens all over again for the very first time*, Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris / ARC, 2006 Photo: Marc Domage

An artist and composer, Florian Hecker’s soundscapes investigate sound in relation to the human body and place, problematising and disrupting spatial perception. He manipulates specially designed software to infuse the space with sound in such way that one can hardly decipher its specific point of origin. The boundaries are blurred and the experience of sound becomes entangled with the one of space, while taking acoustic perception to new dimensions.Asynchronous Jitter. Selective Hearing (37’19’’) is a four channel composition in combination with a 14 channel computer controlled spatialization system. Sound is diffused with a modular loudspeaker setup, consisting of 14 small loudspeakers mounted on different heights in the room. The first stereo track is a bricolage sequence of 45 parts. These sound units, with varying length from a tenth of a second up to three minutes, consist of constantly morphing synthesis with “much internal change and variety”, rendered through various particle generating systems. For the second stereo track Hecker created a series of new recordings, entirely derived from brief out-takes from sections of the first stereo track. To alter and transform these, he applied Waveset Stretching and Wavelet Transformations on multiple time-scales..