A Force More Powerful – the Game of Nonviolent Strategy

York Zimmerman Inc. & The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC)

Game for PC

Can a computer game help people learn how to defeat dictators, military occupiers,
and corrupt rulers–not with laser rays and AK47s–but with a non-military strategy
and nonviolent weapons? A Force More Powerful – the Game of Nonviolent Strategy
is the fi rst and only interactive teaching tool in the fi eld of nonviolent conflict. Featuring
ten scenarios inspired by history, A Force More Powerful simulates nonviolent struggles
to win freedom and secure human rights against dictators, occupiers, colonizers, and
corrupt regimes, as well as campaigns for political and human rights for minorities and
women. The game models real-world experience, allowing players to devise strategies,
apply tactics and see the results.

Nonviolent conflict is a way for ordinary people to fight for their rights using
disruptive actions such as strikes, boycotts and mass protests. As people are mobilized
to take action and withdraw their cooperation from the oppressor, the balance of power
is shifted democratically to the people. And it works: in the last 33 years, nonviolent civic
resistance has played a critical role in 50 of 67 transitions from authoritarianism.