Henrik Menné

Stearin, iron, wood, various electronics. Supported by: The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts. Courtesy: Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhague

This machine-sculpture is specially made for the exhibition and differs from Menné’s earlier machine-sculptures by the long timely duration, the very slow process and the size, which exceeds the human scale. Over the course of the exhibition, 400S produces two large-scale stearin objects. The cylinder shaped objects will be approximately three metres high and 1,30 metres in diameter. These soft-formed elements are not regarded as autonomous and destroyed or recycled after the exhibition. Although closed and often self-referring, the system in which the process takes place both changes the environment and is sensible to changes in the environment. The instability of the physical context is therefore what causes important marginal variations in the shapes of the particular outcome.